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Moving Right Along

Published June 18, 2012 by sparklebysarah

I can’t believe how quickly things seem to happen!!

I’ve been working on my first event…well, it’s a series of events for one customer.  I’m putting together a summer series of concerts for a local business. The music will be every Saturday night.  It’s been a little tough going.  The client is just starting out, so she doesn’t have a lot of cash to pay bands.  The bands that are willing to talk with me for the amount I am allowed to pay them are incredibly slow getting back to me.

I’ve got the first two weeks set up.  Then, I’ve got one empty Saturday in July, one in August, and then all of September to fill up.  I’ve got to get some straggler bands to pick up their phones and fill out the remaining dates.

I am excited for what is set up, though.  I’ve got about eight bands ready to go.  Once I get everything set up, it’ll be time to Rock ‘n Roll!!