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From “To Do” to “To Done”

Published May 23, 2012 by sparklebysarah

Well, my “To Do” list in the previous post was fairly short, but now it’s even shorter! 

Today, I sat for my head shots with a photographer.  I found someone local who was way more reasonable price-wise than any chain place could have been.  She came to my house, set up in my living room, took about fifty or so pictures with three different outfits and three different backgrounds, and five hours later, I have a disc with the photos! Most importantly, she was reasonably priced!  

I suggest to you all, whether you’re starting your own business or not, if you are looking for a photographer, go local.  I found this photographer through my friend, Debbie.  She has a little black book with names and phone numbers for anything!  I am using my new photographer to take my daughter’s senior picture and finally get my son’s picture done for the family wall of photos.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with an accountant to get incorporated.  That should be an interesting process!  I will blog about what I learn…if anything!

That brings my list to the following:

  • A camera
  • Software
  • Business cards

That list is getting shorter and shorter as I get closer and closer to my launch date!